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Who Are We at First Christian Santa Paula?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Lots of folks have ideas about what "Church" is about, which may be nothing like your ideas of "Church". So let us tell you what we are about.

  • We are people of radical hospitality and welcome. What that means to us is "We See You". "You are our Neighbor". "You have value and we welcome you as warmly as possible." Every one who comes through our doors, whatever their color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race.....you name the category, you are welcome here. Really. Our message is that God loves you and we accept and affirm you just as God made you. God's love has NO limits, so we throw the arms of fellowship open wide to all who would come. All means All!

  • We believe that being a Christian has less to do with what ideas about God you have in your head, and more to do with how you actually follow the teachings of Jesus. In many churches, you are taught the correct beliefs that you need to have (that may include politics) to be accepted in that community. Our church does not focus on beliefs. And we certainly do NOT proclaim that you need to disbelieve modern science in order to have biblical faith. We expect people will have different opinions and that the scripture will speak somewhat differently to you than it does to your neighbor. Jesus came to transform our way of life to manifest love and justice in our world. At First Christian we are followers, those who are trying to do what our master taught.

  • We are informal in worship. Come as you are. We integrate prayer and singing with the message from our pastor. Questions and responses in worship are common!

  • We are small, but growing. If you are looking for a personal connection in a supportive community where you can explore your own spirituality and faith we might be just what you are looking for.

  • We meet in an historical wooden church built by its members in the early 1900's. This church and its congregation have existed for nearly 125 years. We see this as a testament to the faith and dedication of those who came before us and those still serving.

Would you like to support our church and help us to continue serving our community?

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